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Whether you are new or mature Christian, a Bible believer or simply somebody who is really interested in understanding the Bible better, then this course is for you. The reliability, inerrancy and validity of the Bible is under constant attack, mostly due to differences in understanding.

This course is the introductory course, in a series to follow, laying the foundation for painting the 'Big Picture' of the Bible story, within its original cultural context.

Should you desire to understand the Bible better and not only have 'blind faith', then you are invited to join this exciting journey of discovery of the culture, language and history of the world of the Bible, exposing the plain, simple meaning and message of the Bible text, intended by the original author.

The Bible is not a mysterious book, merely for the few intellectual elect to grasp, but is a wonderful comprehensive whole, still speaking profoundly to all of us today!

Embarking on any journey, begins with heading in the right direction, vital for reaching your destination. This course aims at improving our perspective when reading the Bible in order to see the 'Big Picture' of the Bible story. Our Perspective will determine our Perception.  

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Course One Curriculum Outline